Childcare Services

Childcare is provided to women while they are engaged in their treatment sessions. We believe that removing this barrier for women allows her to focus on her treatment needs without having to worry about childcare services. Our childcare staff engage children in developmentally appropriate activities in an entertaining and child friendly setting.

Family Education & Support Group Services

The LCADA Way Family Programming is offered as an open-ended educational support group. It is designed and conducted primarily for parents, spouses’, family members and loved ones. The first part of the group provides an educational component, while the second portion is meant as a supportive component for the group members. The Family Program is available to all members of the community and is free of cost.

Insurance Coverage & Payment Options

We have a variety of funding options available that may assist in covering part or all of your treatment – please contact us for more information

Transportation Services

If transportation is a barrier to treatment, a LCADA Way counselor will coordinate with transportation for availability of this service.  This service is available to Men, Women, and Adolescent while receiving The LCADA Way services.